IMSR® Power Plant:
An advanced small modular reactor cost-competitive with fossil fuels



The Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®) has successfully completed
the first phase of the CNSC’s vendor design review, a first for any
Advanced Reactor power plant design.

Terrestrial Energy’s Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®) is designed to meet the rapidly rising demand for breakthrough energy technologies that can deliver clean, scalable, and cost-competitive heat and power to displace fossil-fuel combustion starting in the 2020s. The IMSR® is a fundamentally different reactor. It employs advanced molten-salt technology, which creates a far superior system to harness clean bountiful energy of the atom simply, safely and economically.

IMSR® technology

IMSR® power plants will produce cost competitive energy and will be
a clean energy alternative to fossil fuel combustion.

Low Cost

Using advanced molten salt reactor technology, IMSR® power plants are simpler than the Conventional Reactor power plants in the market today, which are pressurized-water reactors. IMSR® power plants are smaller, and with modular design and construction, can be built within 4 years and financed by ordinary means. IMSR® power plants will be cost-competitive with fossil fuels even in the absence of CO2 emission penalties.


The IMSR® power plant produces high-quality heat – heat at 600oC – which Conventional Reactors are not capable of producing. IMSR® power plants can also “load-follow” and be used to generate electricity on demand with high efficiency to provide baseload power, or to back up intermittent power sources such as wind and solar. Of particular importance is the ability of IMSR® power plants to supply heat directly for a wide variety of major industrial applications, such as petrochemical and chemical production, and desalination. This expands the commercial opportunity for nuclear energy far beyond the grid power sector.

Deployment readiness

Using demonstrated and proven molten salt reactor technology and many generally accepted methods of Advanced Reactor operation, IMSR® technology can be commercialized quickly. IMSR® power plant development is proceeding apace, and regulatory design review is already under way. First IMSR® power plants will be operating in the 2020s.

Backed by science, industry, and government

IMSR® technology has many advocates, and its many virtues are recognized by the scientific establishment, governments, nuclear industry, supranational organizations, environmentalists, and NGOs worldwide.

Clean and sustainable energy

IMSR® power plants will provide heat and power virtually free of carbon emissions. This technology is more scalable than fossil-fuel combustion, and more sustainable than any other scalable energy technology today. As a clean energy alternative to fossil fuel combustion, IMSR® technology can play a major role in driving deep decarbonization of the primary energy system.

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